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Apr 23

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Saturday, April 23, 2011  RssIcon

The last few weeks have not been great from a website/LiveCode perspective. As you're looking at the start of a brand new site here, you might very well be able to draw the conclusion that something un-brilliant has happened at .

It's true. The old site has gone.

But life moves on and every problem represents an opportunity. What's great is that I've been able to install the new version of DotNetNuke (DNN), which is my CMS of choice. Quite a few things have changed since 2008 and even though its very unlikely that the search engines will pick up on the content, I'll post about the issues (and solutions) that have had my head scratching.

And as for LiveCode, seems that the approach I took to getting Data Tree running on iOS hasn't worked out, so I'm back to the drawing board.

At least it's the Easter bank holiday and I have some time to sort this little lot out.

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